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How long have you been working, reaching, scratching and kicking, striving to get there – only to realize that “this” there disappears into the “next” there? This moment turns into that moment. And you wake up years later to realize that joy has become a fantasy or just another “there”. In all of your striving you don’t notice the subtle, energy-draining effect of this cycle.

There doesn’t exist.

Welcome to nowHERE.

A new baseline, a new start-from, a new build-from – a new foundation from which to create, experience, and enjoy in joy. The point is… there is no point.

Our mission is to inspire a path to HERE. A place where all is manifest, all ideas are born, all possibilities exist. A place where clarity is born, peace lives, and chaos dies. A place many have been seeking – and through perpetual seeking, have perceived it to be unattainable.

This place is nowhere; this place is nowHERE.

This place is where the seeker becomes the seer, the striver becomes the arriver, the questioner becomes the knower. We are a movement devoted to creating a new human experience, as a human being.

If you feel like you’ve been running a marathon for much longer than the required 26 miles required, this is for you. Life is not a race. Life is presence. The greatest gift you can give yourself and everyone around you is presence.


The Setting

Each Boldly Going Nowhere event is held in a space of magnificent beauty. Even if we didn’t do a thing, you will be better for having been there. The energy of the earth places we choose will stay with you forever.

The Unplugging

Each Boldly Going Nowhere event is device free. It’s not all about the selfie. We won’t be using technology but we will have access for emergency use.

The Practicing

Each Boldly Going Nowhere event is about developing practices. This stuff will stay with you. You won’t go home scratching your head or wondering, “now what?”

The Nourishing

Each Boldly Going Nowhere event features delicious whole food cuisine. Everything served will serve you. You will not miss anything, except maybe a few pounds off the waistline when you leave.

The Musing

Each Boldly Going Nowhere event features empowering, enlightening, and heart-opening live music that weaves a poetic tapestry around the discussions and activities throughout.

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Bob Sima

Bob Sima is to music what Wayne Dyer, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Eckhart Tolle are to books and Rumi, Hafiz, and David Whyte are to poetry. He is troubadour, a way-shower, a guide, an awakener, and a musical mystic. Through the medium of melody and message, he leads listeners to an expanded consciousness, deeper sense of connection, and inner peace and purpose. His music bridges daily life and soul consciousness, the eternal with the now. He delivers instantly accessible songs that take up residence and resonance in your soul. Sima is a dynamic singer-songwriter, performer, storyteller, speaker, servant of humanity, workshop and retreat leader, meditation and breathwork facilitator, and creative collaborator — often weaving all of these elements into a single performance. When Sima opens his mouth to sing, what emerges is far beyond the human sounds of his warm and soulful voice. It’s a call, a remembrance, a soft and steady place to land. He speaks the language of the Universe, the language of the soul, the language of the heart. But he’s not just singing to his audience and it’s not just a performance. It’s a gathering, a connection – somewhat of a musical satsang or gathering of truth – that navigates the audience on a profound musical journey. Bob has an unparalleled ability to connect audiences in a visceral, powerful way, changing the vibration and consciousness in the room.

Shannon Plummer

Shannon Plummer is a powerhouse strategic visioning and intentional creation coach and shamanic practitioner wrapped in a divine package. Her approach combines spiritual, shamanic, and metaphysical wisdom with business and management expertise. As a subset of coaching the psyche, she also translates her organizational skills into the space surrounding the individual. She’s learned that – just as blocks in our belief systems prevent us from living our passion – the state of our physical surroundings can significantly stunt our expansion because the energy of what is stuck in our work space, in our home, in our bedroom, in our attic, in our garage is holding onto the past. Her approach is not only unique, but is extraordinarily powerful and will uniquely serve your walk through this world as you create a passionate and purposeful life. Shannon is an instrument – an engaged observer to the story of your life. She will guide you to and through the blind spots, allowing your higher self and vision to illuminate the true passion that lies within. Shannon’s intuitive and heart-centered coaching and visioning process will gently lead you to a more authentic, conscious, and intentional life. Her unique energy and presence creates a sacred space for expansion and deepening of what is waiting to be expressed. She now guides seekers to find, express, and live their truth in their calling. Shannon brings joy, peace, and possibility everywhere she goes.

Experiencing Bob and Shannon working together is an amazing display of synergy! Their individual strengths magnify when they work as a team to create a healing space for personal transformation. They manage to help participants bond and share at a very deep level.

Cheryl DeDecker

Founder, Compass Coaching and Hypnosis

Bob and Shannon are great human beings and effective facilitators.


My name is Dr. Bob Hoffman and I am the President of The Masters Circle; a company dedicated to raising the standards and the consciousness of wellness doctors worldwide. At my annual conference, we had 17 world class presenters and that included Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer. They were beyond awesome. The response from the attendees was nothing short of epic and they instantly connected with their energy, values, perspective and loving vibration. What makes Bob and Shannon so amazing is their deep understanding of the human spirit and their ability to communicate the true essence of that to their audience. They are healers of the heart and would add so much to your next event as well. I give them my highest endorsement.

Bob Hoffman

President, The Masters Circle

Bob and Shannon created a loving, caring, safe space for me to explore what I really wanted in life and gave me tools to put things in action so I can live my life to the fullest and on purpose.

Pam Hinshaw

I can heartily recommend Bob and Shannon to anyone seeking an increase in life expansion and overall health/wellness.


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